Getting to know Lush Photography   

Lush photography is the culmination of hard work and dedication of photographer Jasmin Castillo.

Jasmin completed three years of formal photographic schooling in 2003. In the following years substantial experience was gained working with many prominent master photographers. Jasmin has since established Lush Photography and now combines her experience gained from the past 10 years with her own fresh ideas to deliver the Lush client experience.    

So How Does It Work?  

Our aim is to provide you with images and memories that you will proudly relive and share with your loved ones. We strive to make your photo shoot a personal and satisfying experience. Prior to the shoot your photographer will arrange a time to meet to find out more about you and discuss exactly what you would like from the shoot.

We find meeting before the shoot helps break the ice. It also reduces any nerves or inhibitions you may have resulting in a more relaxed, natural and enjoyable shoot. This repour is the key to producing luscious images that will be cherished and proudly put on display.

Behind The Scenes  

Lush strives to give every client premium quality images. To achieve this we use professional, quality, Canon digital camera equipment. We couple this with high end computer technology and professional software packages driven by experienced digital artists.

Following your shoot all images are individually colour and density corrected by our talented digital artist.

Selected images are then individually prepared for printing. This may include applying colour effects such as black & white, sepia or hand colouring as well as any digital retouching that may be required. We will always keep retouching to an absolute minimum our philosophy is natural is beautiful. This careful individual treatment of your images is crucial to produce superior quality prints. Cheaper "photo farms" will often use generic, automated colour templates with poor results.


Your images will then be delivered to our professional print lab. Our print lab has been carefully researched and selected for their vast professional experience. They use the highest quality printing processes. You can be assured that your images will be printed on high quality professional print medium to ensure your memories will stand the test of time. Lush does not advocate the use of cheap offshore print houses. We are proud to use a local WA business.


If you have requested an album for your images you will be provided with a personalised album design. This will be individually tailored to your images by our digital artist.

Once you receive the album plan and are happy with the design, the album will then be hand made by our professional album manufacturer. Again they are a local WA business who have been carefully researched and selected for their expertise and premium quality. The materials used in the manufacture of your album are all acid free to ensure image longevity.

It is not recommended, but if you choose to source your own we would suggest researching the origin and materials used. There are many cheap inferior albums being mass produced and imported from overseas.    

Both our Pro-Lab and album manufacturer are quality assured, local businesses who use the highest quality materials to ensure long lasting, premium quality prints.

Framed Prints

If you request a framed print you will receive a premium quality, hand crafted frame made by a local framing professional. He has been selected for his outstanding reputation for quality. His other regular clients include a prominent art auction house for which he is responsible for framing and restoring many well known art pieces.

DVD Slideshow

Some packages include a DVD slideshow. This refers to a DVD disc that will be able to be played through most DVD players and computer DVD drives. This will be a non-printable video slideshow with a sample selection of images accompanied by music. 

Digital Negatives

This has become a contentious topic amongst the photography industry in recent years with many photographers using the digital negatives as a bargaining tool to land more bookings. Lush photography advises clients to think about whether they really need the negatives and to consider the following;

- You will have to source your own print lab that may use inferior printing techniques and print medium.

- You will be accepting responsibility for the quality of any prints produced from the negatives.

- You will be required to sign a waiver indemnifying Lush Photography for any usage and quality of prints thereafter.

- Non-professional labs will not have the same standard of ;

    - Equipment

    - Trained, experienced staff

    - Correct regular calibration needed to produce high quality prints.

- Your negatives will not receive the careful treatments and expertise offered by our digital artist.

- You will also be accepting the responsibility to ensure the safe storage and backup of these files.

If you still wish to purchase the negatives they will be available to purchase upon request. They will be provided on DVD disc. As clients and print labs rarely have the software and computer equipment necessary to handle the RAW camera files you will be instead provided with high resolution .jpeg files.  


At Lush we accept cash, credit card or direct deposit.

Please note: All payments must be cleared and made in full before any images will be released.